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Mission Statement
To promote the development of the nursing profession to its highest standards for the benefit of society.
To improve the social and economic conditions of nurses.


  1. The Fiji Nursing Association shall strive to;
  2. Develop the nursing service profession in accordance with public needs.
  3. Develop standards for entry into practice
  4. Influence nursing education and training in accordance with the current developments within the nursing service and profession
  5. Promote nursing research, professional ethics and nursing management
  6. Influence the development of the health service in such ways that enable to prevent and/ or solve the health problems of the population
    Inform members about trends, issues or changes within the profession and prepare members to deal with these trends
  7. Promote a spirit of mutual respect and understanding between employers and the Association and to secure the establishment of recognized and permanent for negotiations with employers
  8. Ensure the social and economic welfare of nurses
  9. Promote international understanding and solidarity and, through its international work, contribute to a democratic development and protection of human rights
  10. Secure the complete organization of all nurses who are registered and practicing in Fiji,all persons in training for the profession of nursing and all eligible persons to become members of the Association.


The core functions of the Fiji Nursing Association is to;

  1. Promote recognition of the nursing profession and of nurses in the community and represent their collective interest
  2. Review regularly the nursing content of the health service in light of technological development and scientific advances and making when necessary recommendations for changes to the appropriate authorities
  3. Publicize and provide information about health care and nursing to selected groups or the public via the news media
  4. Promote and provide continuing education programmes and other socio-cultural and professional activities for nurses
  5. Conduct Research, Lobby for/ sponsor projects to advance nursing and health care
  6. Establish a code of ethics to maintain standards of performance
  7. Publish and circulate a journal, newsletter or periodic update providing nurses with information on professional or other matters and as a medium for free exchange of opinions and communications.
  8. Act on behalf of nurses with regard to promotion of good and fair working and other appropriate employment conditions
  9. Promote and foster international understanding through affiliation with professional and trade union bodies to be a dynamic and significant influence on matters of health and social policy, professional and socio-economic standards worldwide
  10. Establish a consultation process to include grievance procedure to resolve nursing concerns
  11. Provide the following benefits and such others as the Annual or an Extra Ordinary General Meeting may decide:
    • Monetary relief, or such other benefits as may be decided for sickness, accident, disablement, distress, unemployment and retirement
    • Death gratuities and funeral expenses
    • Education fees
    • Compensation to members for loss arising out of trade disputes
    • Legal advice and legal assistance where necessary in connection with the employment of members
    • Retirement and/or death benefit payments to nominees of deceased members of amounts agreed by the Annual General Meeting from time to time
  12. The furtherance, by assistance or otherwise of the work or purpose of any lawful association or trade union federation have for its objects the promotion of the interests of labour, or trade unionis
  13. Acquire any real or personal property and in particular land, buildings and chattels and to borrow or raise money upon the security thereof and to secure the same or the repayment of  performance of any debt liability contract guarantee or other engagement incurred or to be entered into by the Association in such manner as the Association may think fit and in particular by mortgage bill of sale or other charge and to redeem or pay off any such securities

Book Publications

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